I am neither a historian nor an archaeologist nor a scholar in the history of Pondicherry. Then how come I wrote this book?

     It all began with Doordarshan Kendra, Chennai. Planning to produce a documentary in colour on Pondicherry State for National network telecast in English under the series Bharat Darshan, it entrusted Dr.M.P.John, editor of New Times Observer, Pondicherry with the task of finding a local scriptwriter. His choice fell on me. So it was he who initiated me into the study of the history of my native place.

     I proved over all the available books and magazine articles connected with my assignment and made elaborate notes; but I was unable to use even one-twentieth of what I had gathered in writing the T.V.Script.

     Finding that I had enough material for a book, I ventured to write a serial. The result was the birth of this book in your hand. In this book I have focused only on Pondicherry proper and not on the other enclaves of the Union Territory – Mahe, Yanam and Karaikal. My books on these areas are in the offing.

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