P.Raja’s Folktales of Pondicherry provides good reading material with thirty one tales forming a part of the traditional literary lore on the Union Territory of Pondicherry. Written in a simple and good style, the book can be easily read by children too…The author has spared no efforts to get at original narratives from old men and women of Pondicherry. Prof. Raja’s choice of the theme and its treatment deserve appreciation.


Mr.P.Raja, who collected these 31 tales, and as many more, from accomplished storytellers in the state of Pondicherry, has a flair for narrative himself – as is known to readers of Mother India, where several of these tales as well as other folk material collected by him first appeared in print…one has the feeling that he has done more than literally render them into English: he has translated his own understanding of the story, and transmitted it to us, his readers, with the racy vividness of vernacular speech, so that they come to us with the full flavour of authentic ‘folk’ tales.

 – (Shraddhavan in Mother India)

Folktales carry bright pools of ageless experience. They may not always encapsulate a moral; they may not always tickle you. They may sound inchoate, childish, and imbecile. But they do possess gleams of superior sense and spirit as may be seen in P.Raja’s collection of folktales heard in three villages in Pondicherry….He has given us a readable book that rewards the young and the old, the common reader and the investigating sociologist.

 – (Dr.Prema Nandakumar in Sri Aurobindo’s Action)

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