From zero To Infinity (A First Volume of Poems)

       The fifty-two poems in this volume are the vehicles of the poet’s feelings, dreams and reactions in a world circumscribed by eroding human perceptions and emaciating thought symbols. They present an integrated vision of a multi-central world of birth and death, love and hate, agony and ecstasy and above all humanity and harmony.


One is born out of zero, gains a temporary sojourn on earth, and ultimately merges into the infinite vastness. P.Raja’s first collection of 52 poems revolves on this eternal theme. It is a document of his tragic-comic reactions to the riddles “of the havocs in life/ after the release” from maternal confinement. It is also an attempt to delineate in verse form, agonies of the inner voyage through a language of powerful and picturesque imagery… As a poet he (P.Raja) is abundantly sensitive, imaginative, amusingly ironical and basically humanitarian…The poet uses metaphors drawn mainly from our every-day life. They drive home his pragmatic and philosophic messages as sure as death.

– (Dr.D.Gnanasekaran in Indian Book Chronicle)

This collection – I think, offers some best pieces of his total oeuvre till now and no reader will emerge unsatisfied after a plunge into this fine stream of charming verse.

– ( A. Russell in Poetry Time)

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