THE BLOOD And Other stories

     The thirteen stories in this first collection touch not only deep inside you, but also leave their indelible mark there. In fact, they are full of compassion, the highest quality that a writer could possess. Also, they are imbued with an imagination which enthralls. There are writers who go straight to your heart. P.Raja is one of them.



Mr. P. Raja’s The Blood and Other stories is his first collection of original short stories. In some of his earlier works, he had retold legends, folktales and popular tales which have delighted the old and the young alike. The Blood and Other Stories contains thirteen stories which make a profound impact on a sensitive reader by their striking originality, imaginative presentation and humanistic appeal. They are written in a crisp, easy and enthralling style and bear testimony to the author’s compassion and concern for humanity, his hatred of sham and cruelty and capacity to see through human follies, pretensions and prejudices.

– (Prof. K.R.Ramachandran Nair in The Advent)

P.Raja is at his best as a short story writer, doing full justice and maintaining the right balance between all the aspects of a short story such as plot, characterization, climax and denouement. His style is lucid and limpid and the messages that he wants to drive home rightly reach their destinations, the hearts and heads of his readers. From sheer variety, interest and irresistible appeal, this collection deserves a top rating.

–  (Dr.R.Rajarathnam in Journal of the Institute of Asian Studies)

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